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Beca Guggenheim

En 2002 el artista Roberto Jacoby recibe la prestigiosa Beca Guggenheim en la categoría Fine Arts. Destina el dinero (u$38.000) para el desarrollo y sustentación de Proyecto Venus.

Así se pudieron facilitar un montón de proyectos compartidos. El video Proyecto Venus es una síntesis además de artística del primer año de esa sociedad experimental en forma de red también una demostración de lo que se hizo simbólica y materialmente con el dinero de la Beca. El video fue presentado en el Museo Malba en mayo de 2003.

Video Proyecto Venus. Español

Video Proyecto Venus. English

About Proyecto Venus
Proyecto Venus is a self-managed micro-society, a net of groups and individuals willing to interchange goods, services, abilities and knowledge. Its essence is summed up in the expression "technologies of friendship": the art of connecting people, net-knitting, crossing of symbolic boundaries, multiplication of chances of fertile encounters. It is at the same time an economic game and a political experiment, subject to continuous change and redefinition, owing to the unpredictable combinations of the projects and desires of its almost 500 members. It has a currency of its own, the ‘venus’, that serves as a mean of interchange and communication, as a tool of sovereignty and as a symbol of belonging to the group. During a recent visit to Argentina, the philosopher Toni Negri immediately found a very accurate definition when told about the project. He called it a ‘public lodge’.
Perhaps a contradiction in terms, this expression captures both the openness and the feeling of trust and sympathy that are the starting point for any potential relationship among members. Proyecto Venus draws its force from the simple certainty that together we are more than we are alone. More, not only in number, but in strength, knowledge and joy. A lucky encounter between two or more people equals to the formation of a new, post-individual entity, a collective intelligence richer in possibilities than its spare members. We believe we are nothing but nodes on a net of relationships, and thus building a good net, laying the right threads, is living a good live. But we also think this is not a spontaneous process, that on the contrary many fears, prejudices and limitations are against it. It takes the right environment for a relationship to sprout, a common playground where people can meet and get to know what do they have for each other. This is Proyecto Venus: a meeting point for restless wanderers, a blind date with other souls. There are no requisites for taking part in this game. The proposal is addressed to anyone willing to take part on it. We've kept it alive for 6 years but at the end of 2006 implosion forces (phony crossed accusations among members) led it to an end. Sad but true. It has been fun while it has lasted.